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About Aubrey

I write Erotica novels for Siren Book-Strand. I have had a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. My newest historical/vampire novel, Ravenous, is available for purchase, with the sequel, Hunger, due to debut in August!  You can contact me from these websites and receive exclusive book updates and content!!

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Book Synopsis: Emma is engaged to a Duke, whom she does not want to marry. She tried in vain to explain to her opportunistic father and the Duke that she does not favor the match. There are rumors circulating through the ton, that the Duke is responsible for his wife’s death. Emma can sense an evil inside of him

Feeling as if her life is in danger Emma must flee to a castle near the sea to be a governess to two adoptive children. She is employed by a man who is eccentric. There are no mirrors in the home, and he is never about during the daylight.

Gabriel has no idea who this mystery woman is, but he employs her to find out why she has come to his castle in distress. It is as if she came out of thin air. Which, Gabriel knows everything about; he has been alive for two-hundred years and has never met a woman like Mercy. He is a vampire that cannot read her thoughts. They are both seduced by each other’s brand of mystery and engage in an affair that could lead to a deadly end. Gabriel is a vampire with a lust for Mercy’s blood. However, her secret may tear them apart forever.


Editors Review of Ravenous:

The story is captivating from the first page to the last! Both the romantic and external plots are interesting, exciting, and suspenseful. Emma is such a charming and strong heroine! Even in her negative surroundings, she pulls through marvelously, relying on her own will power and a little help from her friend. It is a pleasure to watch her build a new life for herself within the mysterious walls of the crumbling castle. The description within this novel is wonderful! The scenes are described with such articulation, the reader will feel as if they are there. When Emma is captured by the duke’s men and transported to London, for example, the scene of their interaction is incredibly vivid! The narrative paints a delightfully wretched portrait of the fat and sadist duke, the reader will love to hate him.


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